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Portrait of Revd. Jim Fletcher

My name is Jim Fletcher and as the Rector of the Parish of Fawkham and Hartley I would like to welcome you to our parish and to our web site.

As you browse the site you will find many pages of helpful information about parish life in Fawkham & Hartley.


If you are new to our Parish, or would like information on our services, can I suggest that you click here for our Welcome! page.

If you are interested in the history of our 2 lovely churches pictured here with our Church Centre, then click on History on the side menu. Please explore our site and don't forget, we'd love you to come and enjoy one of our services, or parish events.

On Sunday we celebrate the feast of Penetecost. From the Early Church onwards, Pentecost has been observed as a Christian feast second only in importance to Easter. On this day we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples in fulfilment of God’s promises through the Old Testament prophets. The Holy Spirit empowers us to continue the work and ministry of Jesus. The Biblical account of this event is found in Acts 2.

The Feast of Pentecost is also known by the name “Whitsun”. On the day of Pentecost about 3,000 people were baptised, and in the Early Church it continued to be a major occasion for baptisms, with the candidates being dressed in white (hence White Sunday- Whitsun).

The liturgical colour is red, symbolising the way the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in tongues of flame. The Day of Pentecost is the culmination of Eastertide and we pray that we may continue to be open to the indwelling, transforming and empowering work of the Spirit in our lives and in the world.

Please remember that there is one main morning service on Sunday and that is a joint parish communion at 10.00 at All Saints' Church. I hope to see you there.

Finally, do read our Parish Notes to find out all the details of what else is happening in the parish this week.

God's blessing on you all

Jim Fletcher
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Two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus of Nazareth remains one of the most talked-about and influential people who has ever lived.

On the rejesus.co.uk web site , you can explore his life, character, teaching and followers. Please click, explore and post your own questions, thoughts and prayers.


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If you have any requests for prayer for yourself or others then please click here for the prayer request page.
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The prayer requests will be brought to our regular monthly prayer group held at All Saints Church on the First Wednesday of every month

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